Over 15 years of experience, working with children in the community, schools, hospitals and neo-natal wards in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.


We aim to explore how your child functions in their everyday occupations, including self care, education,  and play.


We assess your child to determine what the underlying difficulties are and we explore what approach will best meet their need. 


This may include face to face sessions, remote sessions, therapy programmes, equipment provision, request for adaptations, and more.




Play skills, e.g. turn taking and messy play.


Self-care skills e.g getting dresses and using a knife and fork.


Skills for school e.g. handwriting, using scissors and concentration.


Emotional Regulation and sensory regulation are also explored for every child we see.


Play based approach to learning.


Programmes are designed to be fun and easy to implement within your home and school  environment.


For Superstars Therapy each child is individual and they are all superstars to us!

What is Occupational Therapy...

Children’s OT focus on babies, young children and school aged children to enable a them to be as independent as possible in self-care, school work and play, providing specialist assessments to identify the underlying difficulties impacting on a child's function



OT’s work with parents/carers and with the people who know your child best including; teachers, health visitors etc, to enable ‘you’ to support them and help your child achieve their potential at home, school and during play.



Examples of difficulties/conditions treated:


Developmental care advice and assessments for babies born prematurely

Developmental delay e.g. not meeting milestones

Developmental coordination disorder including dyspraxia



Handwriting difficulties

Emotional Regulation difficulties

Sensory processing difficulties

Stroke or other neurological conditions

and a range of other conditions



OT can identify concerns/difficulties and how they are impacting on your childs occupations


To identify concerns/difficulties and how they are impacting on your childs occupations


  • Direct individual treatment - that always aims to be fun
  • Home and/or School Programme
  • Sensory Diet Programme
  • Offer training for schools and groups of parents 
  • Work with the LEA 
  • Specialist equipment assessment and adaptations


Complete offer of:


  • initial assessments,
  • developmental plans
  • on-going assessments online or face-to-face
  • communication - verbal or in writing with health professionals to support a road to Superstar Therapy success


The road to success can take many directions and support is provided only as required or as requested:  One-off, Weekly, Monthly or Anually.  

Email - info@superstarstherapy.co.uk

Call -  07930 912865

Instagram - Superstars_therapy

Facebook - Superstarstherapy.


I would be more than happy to have a friendly chat and work out if Superstarstherapy can be of any support.


Thank you.


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  • KIrsteen - Hitchin (Friday, March 19 21 08:07 pm GMT)

    I can't recommend Kiran enough. She was able to attune to my son despite, due to lockdown, having to assess him over video call and him being off camera for much of the time. He is resistant to engaging due to not having his needs successfully identified before. Kiran's approach was personal and flexible and she even learnt about fortnite and had clips ready to draw him in. The strategies she suggested during the assessment process have already had a significant impact before we even received the final report and I feel that she genuinely cared and understood us as a family.
    I suspect that as the weeks progress I will be able to write follow up reviews with more positive updates.
    Kiran is talented and knowledgeable and I am very grateful that she was recommend to us.

  • Vicki (Friday, March 19 21 07:50 pm GMT)

    I can wholeheartedly recommend Kiran, she’s an absolute gem.

    We found her as a result of a friend’s recommendation, & she has been so professional and thorough right from the start. We had a very helpful introductory meeting where we explored our hopes and wishes, & our aspirations for our son.

    Our 7-yr old has improved enormously with both his confidence and abilities in handwriting. He is always keen to see Kiran, & she has given him a number of useful strategies which have empowered him to make progress and feel proud of himself.

    We couldn’t have asked for more, & I highly recommend her to anyone.

    Thanks so much Kiran, you really are a superstar!

    St Albans

  • Debbie Nisbet (Friday, September 06 19 11:11 am BST)

    I’m looking for support for my 9 year old son to manage his sensory difficulties.

  • Jas Sumal (Tuesday, May 14 19 06:45 pm BST)

    Kiran is a highly professional and dedicated occupational therapist and I would certainly recommend her services.

  • Aman (Monday, May 13 19 10:51 pm BST)

    Kiran is my go to for any questions relating to my son, occupational therapy has been paramount in his recovery from a brain tumour last year. Thank you for always being there!

  • Mrs Flora (Monday, May 13 19 10:32 pm BST)

    Absolutely love your fine motor skills play ideas and also your techniques for helping to calm and relax someone in need. You have such a calm, comforting and patient way with children (and with adults)! Friendly yet professional. My kids adore you! Thank you for everything.

  • Nisha Tutt (Saturday, May 06 17 11:21 am BST)

    Kiran is extremely professional and oozing with knowledge and experience! Nothing is too much for her!

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